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Richard Story

Age: 81

San Diego, CA


I am retired. I spend most of my time working on the computer, doing yard work, and exercising on the elliptical machine in my garage. I had been going to a chiropractor for about 60 years for back problems, but about five years ago, the pain really flared up. That’s when I started physical therapy.

When I heard about Nuspine, I liked the idea that it could be done in just four weeks. I also liked that the program used similar exercises to the ones I had done in physical therapy. Things really kicked in about halfway through the program, when I experienced a sea change in what I could do. From then on, the exercise programs got progressively harder, but the pain went away — and stayed away.

Before using Nuspine, the pain would settle in after just 10 or 15 minutes of work or exercise. Just bending over caused me real pain. I’d either power through it or take some ibuprofen. Now, I don’t have the problems that I used to. I can wash my face and tie my shoes without thinking about the pain. By practicing the breathing exercises I learned, I can walk or work in the yard for much longer periods than before. Plus, I’ve definitely noticed how much easier it is to get out of bed in the morning. I can do it in just one step, rather than stopping in the middle to rest my back.

Nuspine’s 30-day program is over, but I still do the exercises because they continue to help me. Sometimes I have problems with certain exercises, like balancing on one foot. But I just try to emulate the people on the video and push through it. Nuspine’s his program is so good, it works for everyone. It’s like having my own personal trainer at home. I can’t believe how helpful the Nuspine trainer was – he really made me pay attention and learn.

It’s easy to approach things very gingerly when you have a bad back. When the back pain flares up, you’re ready to quit right away. I don’t have that feeling any more – I almost feel like I can walk forever. I really can’t say enough good about this program. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot better than having an operation!

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